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Sugar Beet Pectin – soluble fibre and emulsion stabilizer

VIDOPECTINE EBS 00, our new beet pectin is produced in Switzerland from local sugar beets after the extraction of sugar, it is commercially available as a free-flowing grey to light brown powder.

VIDOPECTINE EBS 00 is pure, undiluted sugar beet pectin with a fibre content of min. 70 % (soluble fibre). The nutritional value is approx. 140 kcal per g.

Sugar beet pectin has a lower molecular weight compared to citrus and apple pectin, which together with its higher content of neutral sugars and the ferulic acid gives this pectin a poor gelling ability. It also swells less and has a lower water binding capacity which makes it easier to consume as a soluble fibre supplement or added to yoghurt, beverages, sauces etc.

Sugar beet pectin also has a well-known stabilization effect on emulsions.

Approved health claims by EFSA/EC for pectin, if consumed in certain quantities per day, are (1) reduction of post-prandial glycemic response and (2) the positive effect on the blood cholesterol level.