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VIDOFIBRES BF Sugar Beet Fibres for your Health

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Healthy nutrition and regular exercise are the prerequisites for physical and mental well-being.

If you want to do something for your health, you should first look at your diet. The rule of thumb is ‘less fat, more fibre’. Nutritionists recommend a daily fibre intake of at least 30 g. That’s almost twice as much as an adult eats on average. A simple means of enriching the daily diet with fibre is VIDOFIBRES BF 5 sugar beet fibre.

Regular consumption of VIDOFIBRES BF 5 helps to counteract the increase in cholesterol levels. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels are reduced — an essential factor, especially for people with diabetes. Meals enriched with VIDOFIBRES BF 5 saturate particularly quickly due to the high fibre content and help cope with weight gain problems. Also, the fibres absorb liquid and swell strongly. This prevents constipation, the widespread disease of civilization. VIDOFIBRES BF 5 is naturally gluten-free (<5ppm) and thus offers a valuable contribution to a fibre-rich diet for gluten intolerance. Unlike oats and wheat bran, VIDOFIBRES BF 5 does not affect the absorption of zinc and iron.

With VIDOFIBRES BF 5 (5 times its weight in water binding) the user has the choice between a range of particle sizes from very fine to coarse to un-milled and even rolled flakes.

VIDOFIBRES BF 5 is available in different degrees of fineness.