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VIDOFIBRES BF sugar beet fibres in commercial kitchens

New Product Application Bulletin available now.

VIDOFIBRES BF is a pure natural product of the fertile fields of Switzerland. With more than 70 % healthy fibres, approx. 1/4th of which are soluble fibres. VIDOFIBRES BF offers commercial kitchens excellent ways to create texture, thicken and enrich a wide variety of foods with fibre simply and naturally without compromising the original taste or product characteristics.

VIDOFIBRES BF is economical – often, the food becomes even cheaper. VIDOFIBRES BF binds water particularly well. This property is not affected by the preparation method or by freezing or thawing.

The user chooses between VIDOFIBRES BF 5 and BF 10, representing 2 grades in WBC (Water Binding Capacity), and can choose among a range of particle size from very fine to coarse to un-milled, and even rolled flakes.

VIDOFIBRES BF 5 is available in different degrees of fineness.