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VIDOFIBRES CF 1525, UNIPEKTIN’s new Functional Citrus Fibre

We are proud to announce the official launch of VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 C, our new and highly functional citrus fibre.

Our VIDOFIBRES range of sugar beet, citrus, apple and pear fibres has quickly become one of the main pillars of our business. It now complements perfectly our VIDOGUM Galactomannan product range of Locust Bean GumGuar Gum and Tara Gum, the VIDOPECTINE pectin product line, the VIDOGUM PRO carob and tara proteins as well as the VIDOGLACE ice cream stabilizer product line. With these, we offer our customers a wide range of functional solutions for thickening, stabilization, gelling and texture for countless applications in the food industry.

VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 is 100% pure Citrus Fibre, produced in Switzerland from specially treated citrus peels to loosen the strong bonds between the hemicellulose, the pectin, proteins and sugars naturally occurring in the citrus peels.

VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 with its very high water binding capacity demonstrates enhanced functionality through its opened and expanded fibre matrix. VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 produces viscosity and body with smooth, rich texture and structure in products and stabilizes the water in various food systems. It demonstrates excellent heat, pH, salt, shear and freeze/thaw stability in food products. VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 can substitute or extent thickening agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers. VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 is rich in soluble fibre, which is mainly high methoxyl pectin. This pectin remains functional und gels at high solids (≥ 58°Bx) and low pH (≤ 3.3).

VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 C is the fine particle size type; a super-fine quality will be available also.

The typical application is in clean-label food. VIDOFIBRES CF 1525 citrus fibre provides stabilisation, water binding, structure, freshness and insoluble & soluble dietary fibre.

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