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VIDOFIBRES PRO-V and PRO-M for meat alternatives and processed meat.

Functional blends of sugar beet fibres, apple fibres and Carob protein.

Supermarkets all over the world have an eye on expansion into the vegan market in order to cope with increasing demand. USA and Europe but also Australia are the fastest-growing vegan markets globally, and Australia is also the top-ranked in terms of global veganism popularity​ according to Google Trends data.
More customers are embracing meat alternatives and introducing vegetarian and vegan-friendly options into their weekly diets, including adding plant-based foods that don’t compromise on taste, quality or price. Consumers though are not necessarily becoming strictly vegan or vegetarian, but they are more conscious of adding more vegetables and plant-based foods into their diet as an additional source of nutrients when they can. Supermarket chains had seen significant increases in demand for vegan and vegetarian food products,
Continued growth is expected ​for the vegan market globally, making it important to create more choice and variety for consumers, and to build a vegan range that is high quality, convenient and also affordable.

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG, with our VIDOFIBRES range of sugar beet fibre, the highly functional citrus fibre, the apple and pear fibres, as well as the VIDOGUM PRO range of Carob protein has a toolbox of functional ingredients available which is perfectly suited to add water binding, texture, firmness, cooking & frying improvements as well as health and nutritional benefits to vegan/vegetarian food products and meat and dairy alternatives.