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VIDOPECTINE – new application information available

Application Leaflet Beverages

Because pectin originates from a fruit, it is perfectly suited for a variety of uses in fruit-based beverages. Pectin enhances the texture, appearance and mouth-feel of fruit juice based, low calorie and low juice ready–to–drink beverages. It contributes fruit-based gelation to modern jelly drinks, and it is also used to provide pulp and oil stability in flavour syrups, the basis for juice beverages. Pectin can also be used to increase the fibre content and improve the mouth-feel and palatability of high fibre drinks.

Modern juice-based beverages are often reduced in their sugar content, and sugar replacers or artificial sweeteners are added, with the result that the beverages are thin and waterlike and don’t have much mouth-feel on the palate. VIDOPECTINE VH citrus and apple pectins for beverage applications is a group of viscosity and yield-point standardized pectins designed to contribute body and viscosity (mouth-feel) to low-calorie beverages, at low usage rates of 0.05 – 0.2%. VIDOPECTINE VH also is the ideal thickener in low juice beverages or near-water drinks, to replace the body and mouth-feel lost by reducing the juice content.

Learn about pectin application in beverage products, and the different VIDOPECTINE pectin types, UNIPEKTIN has to offer.