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VIDOPECTINE – new application information available now

Pectin has determined and influenced UNIPEKTIN throughout its more than 80 years of company history. For example, soon after its foundation in 1936 by the Schauwecker family in Eschenz, Northern Switzerland as a trading company for pectin and fruit concentrates the establishment of pectin factories in Switzerland, Italy and France was initiated and realized.

The degree of involvement of UNIPEKTIN in these pectin ventures changed during the following decades and eventually stood back behind other hydrocolloid activities like galactomannans. However, early in the new Millenium, it was decided to resurrect the pectin business by using UNIPEKTIN’s broad experience base with countless years of experience in pectin production, standardization and application among its management, the laboratory personnel and technical sales-people as well as the international distributors, making UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG once again a trusted source for pectin globally.

Learn about pectin application in various products, and the different VIDOPECTINE pectin types, UNIPEKTIN has to offer.