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VIDOPECTINE – updated product range and new technical information.

VIDOPECTINE: Texture & Stability

Pectin has determined and influenced UNIPEKTIN throughout its more than 80 years of company history. For example, soon after its foundation in 1936 as a trading company for pectin and fruit concentrates, the establishment of pectin factories in Switzerland, Italy and France were initiated and realised.

The degree of involvement of UNIPEKTIN in these pectin ventures changed during the following decades and eventually stood back behind other hydrocolloid activities like galactomannans for which we became one of the market leaders. However, early in the new Millenium, it was decided to resurrect the pectin business by using UNIPEKTIN’s broad experience base with countless years of experience in pectin production, standardization and application among its management, the laboratory personnel and technical sales-people as well as the international distributors, making UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG once again a trusted source for pectin globally.

Pectin enjoys global acceptance as a commercial yet natural product, on its benefits as a superior gelling, thickening and stabilizing agent for use in a wide range of consumer food products.

Our VIDOPECTINE pectin product line complements perfectly our VIDOGUM Galactomannan product range of Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum and Tara Gum, the VIDOFIBRES range of sugar beet, citrus, apple and pear fibres, the VIDOGUM PRO carob and tara protein as well as the VIDOGLACE ice cream stabilizer product line. With these, we offer our customers a wide range of solutions for gelling, texture, stability and protein protection for countless applications in the food industry.

The pectin types available from Unipektin suit the requirements of most of the typical applications for pectin. Many types, either high methoxyl, low methoxyl conventional or amidated, or blends with buffers salts, to meet the requirements of individual products or special processing conditions, can be supplied.

UNIPEKTIN can supply customers across the globe with pectin of the highest consistency and quality, complying with international and national standards, and backed by an application service with expertise and knowledge.

The application-specific technical information will be available soon, please check back regularly or subscribe to our Newsletters to make sure you don’t miss out.