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UNIPEKTIN’s Application Services and Product Support

AppService_Labor-300x300Microbiological Laboratory:
Our products are tested microbiologically to ensure quality. If required, the analysis values of each lot can be confirmed in a corresponding certificate.

Physical Laboratory:
• Viscosity Analysis
Through standardised sample preparation and subsequent measurement with the Brookfield viscosimeter, we are in a position to guarantee a high degree of reproducibility.

Stevens Texture Analyzer – Gel Strength
The synergistic actions of galactomannans with gel-formers can be examined precisely using the Stevens Analyzer. This method also enables us to establish the composition of existing hydrocolloid blends.

Rheomat for Rheology Determination
Rheology tests are of great importance both for the realisation of customised sensory requirements and for the development of new types of hydrocolloids.

Applications Laboratory:
A whole series of various application technology trials can be carried out in our applications laboratory. For universally valid questions which are beyond our capabilities, we turn to pilot plants of research facilities or institutes.

External Laboratory for Customer and Pilot Trials

Please feel free to download the Galactomannan brochure / technical handbook and other helpful information material here and in the application-specific sections.

UNIPEKTIN Galactomannan Brochure & Technical HandbookUPI Brochure & technical handbook english, galactomannans (guar, lbg, tara), Jun2022
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