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NEW: VIDOFIBRES KF 15 – our functionally unique plant fibre from carrots.

Carrot Fibre VIDOFIBRES KF 15. High water-binding capacity paired with very strong swelling capacity, for superior functionality and ease-of-use.

VIDOFIBRES KF 15 is 100% pure Carrot Fibre, produced from carrot pulp after juice processing.

VIDOFIBRES KF 15 is one of the most interesting plant-based vegetable texturizers, through its high water-binding capacity and particularly very strong swelling capacity, its superior pulpiness and pasty texture, its light-yellow colour and appealing taste, its availability, sustainability and cost-in-use benefits.

VIDOFIBRES KF is initially available as the fine particle size grade, VIDOFIBRES KF 15 C.

VIDOFIBRES KF 15 C carrot fibre provides stabilisation, water binding, structure, texture, freshness and insoluble & soluble dietary fibre.

VIDOFOBRES KF 15 perfectly complements our extensive range of VIDOFIBRES BF (sugar beet), VIDOFIBRES CF (citrus), VIDOFIBRES AF (apple) and VIDOFIBRES PF (pear) fibres.

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