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Alternatives for Locust Bean Gum


Alternative Systems to pure Locust Bean Gum – why should you consider those?

Locust Bean Gum is the hydrocolloid of choice for a broad range of food products offering excellent texture and stability as well as strong synergies with other ingredients.

The price of Locust Bean Gum, though not so much its availability, has fluctuated a few times in the past. Currently, (as of October 2020) the price is on a historically high level paired with a reduced short-term availability due to ever-increasing demand and the global production capacity lagging behind.

We have increased the LBG production at our site in Eschenz, Switzerland in the past few years by 20 – 25% per annum, and the ever-increasing sales volume has made us one of the market leaders in LBG, which firmly is and will remain our key product among the range of other ingredients we produce and supply.

While the LBG market can be expected to begin ‘normalizing’ at some point, it is now a good time for LBG users to consider what other options they have, and to familiarize themselves with these.

Alternative systems based on LBG and other galactomannans like Tara Gum and Guar Gum can offer similar performances and characteristics at a lower cost and good availability.

Furthermore, combinations of hydrocolloids and gelling agents sometimes provide specific performances which can not be achieved with single ingredients only.

UPI has successfully developed and introduced such systems during the past price peaks and has recently optimized them further in light of the expected market development. These products can give LBG users a valid technical and commercial option, reducing their dependence on LBG.

  • VIDOGUM LB series: LBG + tara gum, for various applications.
  • VIDOGUM LS series: LBG + neutral flavour guar gum, specifically developed and standardized for dairy applications.
  • VIDOGUM SP: tara gum with similar viscosity to VIDOGUM L.

We have created a new and comprehensive presentation helping LBG users to understand the differences between the 3 main galactomannans LBG, guar gum and tara gum, all of which have been part of UPI’s portfolio for many years. In the 2nd part of the presentation, we have listed and explained 6 VIDOGUM alternatives for LBG / VIDOGUM L 150, these systems are all proven performers and have been used in a number of markets for many years.

If you are interested to discuss in detail our recommendations, please contact us.

Alternative Systems to Locust Bean GumPresentation: Alternatives to LBG, properties of LBG, Guar and Tara Gum, and UNIPEKTIN's alternative products to pure LBG
VIDOGUM LB..Product Information Sheet VIDOGUM LB.. , v4, Oct2022
VIDOGUM LB 60/EProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM LB 60-E, v4, Oct2022
VIDOGUM LS 35Product Information Sheet VIDOGUM LS 35, v4, Oct2022
VIDOGUM LS 35/EProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM LS 35E, v4, Oct2022
VIDOGUM SP 175/3000Product Information Sheet VIDOGUM SP, v4, Oct2022