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Citrus Pectin, Apple Pectin

  • High Methoxyl (HM) Pectin
  • Low Methoxyl (LM) Pectin
  • Low Methoxyl Amidated (LMA) Pectin

Pectin has determined and influenced UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG throughout its more than 80 years of history, from its foundation in 1936 by the Schauwecker family in Eschenz, Switzerland as a trading company for pectins and fruit juice concentrates, initiating soon thereafter also the establishment of pectin factories in Switzerland, Italy and France.

UNIPEKTIN is proud of its broad experience base with countless years of experience in pectin production, standardization and application among its management, laboratory, salespeople and distributors, making UPI a trusted source for pectin globally.

Our VIDOPECTINE™ pectin product line complements our LBG, guar gum, tara gum, fibre and carob protein offerings to provide our customers with a wide range of solutions that deliver viscosity, and gelling, structure, texture, physical stability and protein stability in a broad variety of food applications.

ProductProduct Information
PectinVIDOPECTINE general product information sheet (citrus, apple), v4, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Pectin brochure and technical handbook, v3, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE pectin types and their applications leaflet, v4, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Preserves leaflet, v3, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Jams, Jellies, Preserves Trouble-shooting Guide, v2, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Confectionery leaflet, v3, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Beverage leaflet, v3, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Cup Yogurts leaflet, v3, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Application Overview leaflet, v3, Feb 2022
VIDOPECTINE Application Leaflet Dairy.....coming soon.
VIDOPECTINE Application Leaflet Bakery.....coming soon.