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VIDOFIBRES BF 5 sugar beet fibres in Bakeries

New Product Application Bulletin available now.

Many bakeries, large and small, use VIDOFIBRES BF 5 every day. Sugar Beet Fibre is most commonly used in soft bread production, but even biscuit manufacturers have changed their recipes in favour of VIDOFIBRES BF.

VIDOFIBRES BF 5 enriches your dough with fibres and gives it several positive properties without affecting its characteristic features. VIDOFIBRES BF 5 binds water especially well during normal baking processes: in a dough, approximately 3 – 4 times its own weight. Higher water content makes the bread not drying out as quickly, and it stays fresh longer. Besides, the bread is softer, making it look even fresher. VIDOFIBRES BF 5 is equally suitable for light as well as for dark loaves of bread.

VIDOFIBRES BF 5 is available in different degrees of fineness from fine to coarse to unmilled and even as rolled flakes, all of which are suitable for baking use.