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VIDOFIBRES BF Sugar Beet Fibres – just right for you

Consumers are very much aware of the health benefits with higher fibre in-take; often unknown is that different fibres have various advantages.

VIDOFIBRES BF – sugar beet fibre – produced from sugar beet pulp after the sugar extraction, has a low remaining sugar content (< 5%). The fibre is a mix of insoluble and soluble fibre, the insoluble part is mainly hemicellulose, and the soluble component is pectin. Several clinical studies with sugar beet fibre describe its advantages for the human body. On top of this, it has functional properties, e.g. to prolong freshness in bread and reduce frying losses in minced meat due to thermo-stable water holding.

VIDOFIBRES BF sugar beet fibre is free from gluten and works well in gluten-free bread and cakes. Also, it is free from phytic acid, which could act as a mineral blocker.