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Nuce and Food-Ing Bologna, Italy

The exhibition offered a great platform for presenting trends in the Food Industry and Markets. Especially trends of the consumers and customers living in the south of Europe are of high interest. The presence of so many visitors interested in nutraceuticals like organic products and fibres confirmed the global trend to more natural food and ingredients. The offering of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG of Guar fibres and Organic Galactomannans produced by only physical processing was highly appreciated by visitors.

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG was presented by GTC, our partner for distribution of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG products.

Takeover of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG by Swiss Entrepreneur


Founded in 1936, this Swiss family business dedicated itself to food production from the start. Engaged in a continual development and expansion process, they developed into a competent partner for the global food industry. Today, the name UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG stands worldwide for high-quality products and services.

As a part of the succession plan, the Schauwecker family found a new innovative owner to further develop the traditional company and lead it successfully into the future.

The new board of directors intends to modernize the production site and increase capacity. UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG looks actively in the extension of its product portfolio and services in order to meet the requirements of a growing market with Swiss quality products.