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guar_endospermGuar Specialities (Swiss Made)

Guar plants (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) are cultivated annuals which are grown primarily in India and Pakistan. The fruits, the guar pods, are harvested and threshed mechanically. The threshing process separates the seeds from the pods. UNIPEKTIN obtains the separated endosperm from India and further processes this into tasteless guar gum using purely physical processes. In addition to this, guar gum is bought from selected Indian processing factories for further refinement or as market product.

Guar gum is made exclusively from the endosperm of guar seeds.

ProductProduct Information
VIDOGUM GHProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM GH
VIDOCREM viscosity reduced guar gumVIDOCREM De-polymerized guar gum v2, April 2021
UNIPEKTIN VIDOGUM Galactomannan Application presentationUPI Galactomannan Application, website version, July 2020