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Guar Gum

guarGuar Gum

Guar plants (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) are cultivated annual plants and are grown primarily in India and Pakistan. The fruits, the guar pods, are harvested and threshed mechanically. The threshing process separates the seeds from the pods, followed by mechanical milling. UNIPEKTIN buys guar gum from selected Indian processing factories as a market product and sells it after in-house quality control and standardisation, in full accordance with UNIPEKTIN’s own quality assurance system.


ProductProduct Information
VIDOGUM G lProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM G I, v4, Oct2022
UNIPEKTIN VIDOGUM Galactomannan Application presentationUPI Galactomannan Application, website version, Oct2022
UNIPEKTIN VIDOGUM Galactomannan, Origin, Production, Standardisation, Product RangeVIDOGUM Galactomannans, short Introduction, Oct2022
Join Dennis Seisun, Ross Clark and Nesha Zalesny for an overview of Guar Gum: market trends, applications, and science!