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hydrocolloidsFood Ingredients / Hydrocolloids

Beside the galactomannans, UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG supply various other types of hydrocolloids for various applications in the food as well as feed industry.

Furthermore, combinations of hydrocolloids and gelling agents provide specific performances which can not be achieved with single ingredients only.

Product Product Information
FOOD INGREDIENTS / HYDROCOLLOIDSInformation Sheet FOOD INGREDIENTS new version coming soon
VIDOGUM PRO - Carob ProteinProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM PRO 180 & PRO 200
VIDOFIBRES PRO - Functional blends of VIDOFIBRES & VIDOGUM PROVIDOFIBRES PRO-V & PRO-M product and application information
LBG & Guar Gum Systems
VIDOGUM LS 35/EProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM LS 35/E
VIDOGUM LS 35Product Information Sheet VIDOGUM LS 35
LBG & Tara Gum Systems
VIDOGUM LB 60/EProduct Information Sheet VIDOGUM LB 60-E
VIDOGUM LB..Product Information Sheet VIDOGUM LB..
VIDOGLACE - Ice Cream StabilizersUpdated PIS soon available