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Our Values

Luftaufnahme_eschenzOur Values

As an internationally recognized producer of premium food ingredients UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG strives for customer-defined functioning as well as loyalty towards our valued clients and partners. The understanding of markets and consumers serves as the basis for UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG to innovate and create products and services of superior quality and value.

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG encourages our employees to work together towards a shared vision and recognize that teams accomplish more than individuals. We assemble the right people for the job, leveraging individual strengths and diversity to be more productive. We support, recognize and reward innovation, initiative and leadership of people throughout the organisation.

Our employees are expected to behave in an ethical, social and honest manner at all times.

UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG wishes to be recognized as a leader that cares for the environment and the communities in which we live. We are committed to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.