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Dear customers and distribution partners of UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG,

In these difficult and hectic times, it is of utmost importance to keep our customers and distributors informed and up-to-date about changes in our company, our proceedings, changes and the actions we take.

Since about the middle of last year, we have revamped and expanded our website continuously and quite substantially, we have added a lot more information on our products and services, and particularly we have increased the frequency of our blogs and news significantly, making the website a strategic tool and information carrier.

We now have added the possibility for website visitors to subscribe to our newsletters and emails informing them when new blogs, news or notifications have been added to the website.

We suggest you subscribe through our website so you will be informed at all times, automatically. Please use the subscription button on the right ribbon below our address details.

COVID-19 Update #3, for Customers, Distributors, Employees: March 18, 2020

UNIPEKTIN is Prioritising Health:
We acknowledge the increasing threat posed by the growing number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus and we are taking measures to mitigate the potential risk of transmission to our employees and our customers. We follow the evolution of the situation globally and adapt our procedures and the functioning of our company as and when decisions are announced by the Government.

Today, our actions target the minimization of the risk of transmission to ensure that our employees and customers are safe. We have made a temporary supplement to our operational regulations for the Eschenz site, limiting the number of persons allowed simultaneously in the canteen, at the coffee machine, the smoker room etc. We also have changed the table layout in the canteen to separate single tables with only one person allowed per table.

We are limiting visitors and postponing non-urgent meetings at our offices and we recommend teleconference or video conference meetings wherever possible. Any non-essential business meetings that cannot be rescheduled as virtual sessions should be held off-site or postponed until further notice. Any approved business-critical visitor must be asked by phone or email in advance to ensure certain risk factors are eliminated. They must answer NO to all of the below questions and visit our office the same day or the following day.

  • Any symptoms of illness e.g. fever, mild cough or respiratory sickness?
  • International travel the past 14 days?
  • Attendance at any large-group event the past 14 days?
  • Associated with any person that has the virus or any business that has been closed due to a person with the virus?
  • Any contact to person who would answer yes to the above questions?

We are operating as usual and until further notice. Some of our employees work remotely.  We will keep you informed regarding the situation as it evolves.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

COVID-19 Update for Customers and Distributors #2, March 13, 2020

To our valued customers

One of our major logistics service providers and freight companies have informed us that presently, all transports in Denmark have come to a standstill and in Italy, disruptions have to be expected in freight transport. Besides Italy and Poland now Denmark closed all schools, kinder gardens and public offices for the next 14 days, with further measures to be expected regards public transport limitations. Our logistics provider were asked not to organize any more transports to Denmark for the time being. We will monitor the situation closely and post an update when we know more.

VIDOFIBRES BF and Carob Protein VIDOGUM PRO as source of Fibre and Protein in Cookies and Biscuits

PROTEIN FOODS AND NUTRITION DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (PFNDAI)– Bulletin February 2020 – an article from Lars Erik Hansson, Product Manager Nutritional Fibres at UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG

Locust Bean Gum Market Update January 2020

Unipektin Ingredients AG as your supplier and partner feels obliged to keep their customers informed about critical developments affecting the supply situation so that together we can make informed decisions and find the right solution for you.

Since our last market update from November 2019 the raw material situation has changed rapidly and deteriorated significantly. These very recent developments make it necessary to release a new update with our now different views of the outlook in the LBG market.

The Market Update can be downloaded via this link

If you are interested to discuss the current Market Update and our recommendations, please contact Ulrich Zuber or +41 52 742 3148

FIE Paris Day 3 Report

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist FIE-2019-email-banner-3.png

This report (extract of the report see below) is kindly provided by IMR INTERNATIONAL Hydrocolloid Information Center , Publisher of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids.

Day 3 attendance was not as terrible as predicted but certainly a poor return on investment for most exhibitors. Not to mention the attendees that purchased only a one day pass. Attendance was way below even the normally expected poor attendance on the last day. By 2:30-3:00pm most attendees had started to leave and many exhibitors had started to pack up. For those that decided to brave public transport, they were pleasantly surprised. Metro and RER service was available if sporadic and with longer than usual wait times.

In terms of hydrocolloid relevance, visits and interviews conducted during day 3 confirmed the craze over plant based food identified during days 1 & 2. A deja vu of the ‘low fat, no fat craze’ of years gone by. A lemming mentality headed for an inevitable correction.

Of all the marketing and promotional effort expended during shows like the FIE, it is amazing how little is targeted at the most important decision maker, the consumer. A case of ‘out of sight out of mind’. IMR’s saying:- “The Perception of the Consumer is the Reality of the Producer”

FIE 2019 Paris Day 2 Report

This report (extract of the report see below) is kindly provided by IMR INTERNATIONAL Hydrocolloid Information Center , Publisher of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids.

Day 2 is traditionally the busiest of the 3 day show but this year day 2 barely equaled day 1 and by 3:30pm Day 2 was winding down as many attendees AND exhibitors fled for the gate and were probably headed to the airport to leave Paris before the strike starting late tonight. Day 3 will undoubtedly be quieter than usual.

Made it to Hall 7 today and it’s nearly as large as Hall 6 although Hall 7 was not as easy to navigate. Surely the organizers can make navigation a higher priority. Two Chinese pavilions in Hall 7. The Chinese pavilions seemed smaller than previous shows but still housed too many to visit all suppliers.

Fibre and protein were themes also in Hall 7 but plant-based foods were more strongly represented than in Hall 6. There was even a “Plant-Based Tasting Experience” area where several plant-based meal alternatives were available. The plant-based revolution in Europe is following the US and tight supply of a few key hydrocolloids remain an issue.

Incremental innovations and me-too products were identified. Little in the way of totally new hydrocolloid functionality but several “Clean Label” options offered and based on the ‘In-situ’ concept. More detail on award winners and functional improvements will be covered in the next issue of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids. A new LBG supplier will also be disclosed. Availability for raw material remains unchanged.

It is unanimously agreed that consumer perceptions, or mis-perceptions, are a major concern. Yet no effort seems dedicated at addressing this concern by the food ingredient industry. It is rather like preaching to the choir and navel gazing when it comes to consumer communication.

FIE 2019 Paris Day 1 Report

This report (extract of the report see below) is kindly provided by IMR INTERNATIONAL Hydrocolloid Information Center , Publisher of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids

FIE Paris – Day 1 Report

Surprisingly high attendance for day 1. Maybe because many attendees will only stay for two days and leave early on the second day to avoid the strike disruption expected for the third day. Paris is the city of lights but also the city of strikes. Frankfurt lays claim to neither and that is where the 2020 HIE will be held.

Halls 6 and 7 house this FIE and there was only time to visit hall 6 today. Lots of hydrocolloid suppliers were represented, some with a strong hydrocolloid focus and others (giant companies especially) where hydrocolloids are a negligible part of the business.

Protein and fiber are probably the “ingredients du jour” at this FIE. Protein in the revolutionary plant based movement which is fast growing in Europe, if not at the pace of the US. Fiber, in the trendy focus on “Health and Nutrition”. Gum acacia remains a key source of soluble dietary fiber. There has been no press release by any of the hydrocolloid trade associations that plan their meetings before an FIE or HIE. eg. AIPG & Marinalg.

There are some hydrocolloid alliances being made seeking synergies and cost reduction, eg Silvateam and Rettenmaier. Other alliances are remaining ‘behind the scenes’. A case of open innovation?