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Citrus Fibre VIDOFIBRES CF with a very high water binding capacity

VIDOFIBRES CF is our new, unique and highly functional citrus fibre, which is currently introduced to the markets.

VIDOFIBRES CF is 100% pure Citrus Fibre, produced in Switzerland from specially treated citrus peels to loosen the strong bonds between the hemicellulose, the pectin, proteins and sugars naturally occurring in the citrus peels.

VIDOFIBRES CF with its very high water binding capacity demonstrates enhanced functionality through its opened and expanded fibre matrix.

The typical application is in clean-label food. VIDOFIBRES CF citrus fibre provides stabilisation, water binding, structure, freshness and insoluble & soluble dietary fibre.

Detailed information will soon be made available here, through our Newsletters and of course from our sales department.

ProductProduct Information
VIDOFIBRES CF Citrus FibrePIS - Product Information Sheet, available soon
PAS - Product Application Sheet, available soon
Technical presentation, available soon
UNIPEKTIN VIDOFIBRES - Functional Fibres OverviewUPI Functional Dietary Fibres Overview, July 2020