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FIE 2019 Paris Day 1 Report

This report (extract of the report see below) is kindly provided by IMR INTERNATIONAL Hydrocolloid Information Center , Publisher of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids

FIE Paris – Day 1 Report

Surprisingly high attendance for day 1. Maybe because many attendees will only stay for two days and leave early on the second day to avoid the strike disruption expected for the third day. Paris is the city of lights but also the city of strikes. Frankfurt lays claim to neither and that is where the 2020 HIE will be held.

Halls 6 and 7 house this FIE and there was only time to visit hall 6 today. Lots of hydrocolloid suppliers were represented, some with a strong hydrocolloid focus and others (giant companies especially) where hydrocolloids are a negligible part of the business.

Protein and fiber are probably the “ingredients du jour” at this FIE. Protein in the revolutionary plant based movement which is fast growing in Europe, if not at the pace of the US. Fiber, in the trendy focus on “Health and Nutrition”. Gum acacia remains a key source of soluble dietary fiber. There has been no press release by any of the hydrocolloid trade associations that plan their meetings before an FIE or HIE. eg. AIPG & Marinalg.

There are some hydrocolloid alliances being made seeking synergies and cost reduction, eg Silvateam and Rettenmaier. Other alliances are remaining ‘behind the scenes’. A case of open innovation?