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FIE 2019 Paris Day 2 Report

This report (extract of the report see below) is kindly provided by IMR INTERNATIONAL Hydrocolloid Information Center , Publisher of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids.

Day 2 is traditionally the busiest of the 3 day show but this year day 2 barely equaled day 1 and by 3:30pm Day 2 was winding down as many attendees AND exhibitors fled for the gate and were probably headed to the airport to leave Paris before the strike starting late tonight. Day 3 will undoubtedly be quieter than usual.

Made it to Hall 7 today and it’s nearly as large as Hall 6 although Hall 7 was not as easy to navigate. Surely the organizers can make navigation a higher priority. Two Chinese pavilions in Hall 7. The Chinese pavilions seemed smaller than previous shows but still housed too many to visit all suppliers.

Fibre and protein were themes also in Hall 7 but plant-based foods were more strongly represented than in Hall 6. There was even a “Plant-Based Tasting Experience” area where several plant-based meal alternatives were available. The plant-based revolution in Europe is following the US and tight supply of a few key hydrocolloids remain an issue.

Incremental innovations and me-too products were identified. Little in the way of totally new hydrocolloid functionality but several “Clean Label” options offered and based on the ‘In-situ’ concept. More detail on award winners and functional improvements will be covered in the next issue of The Quarterly Review of Food Hydrocolloids. A new LBG supplier will also be disclosed. Availability for raw material remains unchanged.

It is unanimously agreed that consumer perceptions, or mis-perceptions, are a major concern. Yet no effort seems dedicated at addressing this concern by the food ingredient industry. It is rather like preaching to the choir and navel gazing when it comes to consumer communication.