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UNIPEKTIN directly confirmed as supply relevant business

In our yesterday’s News blog we informed that the members of the Swiss Fruit Association have been confirmed as a supply relevant business. UNIPEKTIN has been a member of this association for many years.

Today we can confirm that the Swiss Federal Office for Economic Supply now also and more importantly has directly confirmed UNIPEKTIN to be a supply relevant business during the COVID-19 crisis. We, therefore, will continue to operate normally. The official confirmation letter from the Swiss Federal Office for Economic Supply (in the German, French and Italian languages) can be downloaded using the button below.

English Translation:

The Swiss Federal Office for Economic Supply confirms that your company is a systemically relevant, essential businesses to supply the country with vital goods and services. The employees of your company provide services within the meaning of the Country Supply Act, essential for Switzerland’s supply. This is particularly true in association with the overcoming of the current coronavirus pandemic.

The Federal Office for Economic Supply confirms its interest in maintaining these businesses. It is of great importance for the economic supply of the country that your employees not be restricted in the exercise of their work.

In this context, we reiterate our concern that the necessary freedom of movement of your workers (access to production facilities, plants, construction sites, etc.) continues to be guaranteed.

In addition, we support the concerns of supply-relevant companies and their employees that applications for special permits for the transport of goods and the mobility of cross-border commuters, are judged favourably in accordance with the applicable trade agreements and by foreign authorities.